June 20, 2010


The hybrido solver is so fast..

simulation + meshing for this test took only 4 houres..!!

render with vray SSS2 Material



i'm just playing with the amazing new features..

very fast hybrido water simulation creates splash particles on collision then create's mist and floating foam.. just great..

(motion blur and compositing with aftereffects.)

another test with less viscosity then the previous test

Hi.. its blender time..!!
Just install this program first time to check the blender fluid..
it took me a day or to to understand whats going on with the interface.
then i try'd the fluid. it was very fun..
the fluid is a voxel based calculation (like fumeFX, and the new Hybrido solver of realflow 5)
so its very fast and intuitive. there are limitation ofscorce like no rigid bodys interaction (from what i know..)
and you can't use multiple emitters with different settings in same domain..
but for a simple fluid effect its just greate..! and its free..!
so i hope you'll enjoy it and i hope to bring more of this stuff..

simulation time : 26 houres (540 domain resolution)
render time : 22 houres with blender's defult renderer
compositing in aftereffect


In this short tutorial im demonstrate the technic i use'd in realflow to create the bubbles in this video:

( http://www.vimeo.com/10772406 )

I hope this tutorial is clear enough for you.



time for bubbles.. :)

i used 2 emitters technic to simulate the interaction

of air inside fluid, i know it can be better but i have no time right now to play more with it..

render with vray,

steam with fumefx,

hope you'll like it..



in this video i combine the realflow's water "mesh"

with krakatoa render of the particles..

the particles was rendered with the "KCM" color by vorticity (tutorial here: www.vimeo.com/10100296 )

then i compose them together with "afterEffects"

there is 2,580,000 particles in the simulation

the mesh's and particles are taking 107 GB of disk space..

best regards



just another test with Realflow parameters

this fluid comes from a object emitter and stick to the sphere by "object_field" daemon and high stickness in the spherer parameters

this time i render the scene with MentalRay to achieve the sss look.. i know it flickering a little but im not a MentalRay pro yet :)


i hope you enjoy it..



i received lots of requests for Krakatoa "KCM" tutorial,

so i made one..

in this tutorial i demonstrate how to render realflow particles color driven by vorticity or velocity..

i used this Technic to Achive the "foamy" water look in These videos :



the reason i made the tutorial with different scene is because the original scene runs very slowly..




i made new realflow simulation with high viscosity (little less then Previous video)

but with higher resolution.. 700,000 particles..

the simulation took about "75" Hours

the render took 15 Hours

i know there are still some problems but..

i dont have more "75" Hours to re simulate :0

hope youll like it..



i just playing around with the "viscosity" parameter in Realflow..

so after few software "crashes" i made it done..

i mesh it then render it in vray (3dsmax) (10 Hours rendering time)

color correction done in aftereffects

hope you like it..

in this video there is 2 diffrent renders of one simulation
the first shot was rendered with krakatoa (KCM color by vortecity)
the second shot was mesh rendered (15,000,000 poly every frame)
the "simulation" took 15-min per frame approx.
the "meshing" process took 8-min per frame approx.
the "krakatoa" rendering took 15-min per frame approx.
and the "vray" render took 16-min per frame approx.
hope you'll enjoy it :)


i try to achive a foam look for splashes so i used krakatoa KCM to Map Particles "Color By vorticity"

and render as "voxels" with environment reflection map.

the only problem is that when the particles are sattled they

get a grainy look.

maybe its because i used low quality sampling on krakatoa..

hope you'll like it


in this test i try'd to simulate fumefx particle emitter using particles that follow another fumefx lower res..

every frame of this simulation is about 1 GB file size..


i made a new tests with the new amazing powrefull tool

"particle flow tools BOX#02 by"orbaz"

i covered the car with particles and connect them together with "glue" operator with breaking option (in the second shot) and after i used the amazing new feuture "particle skinning" to skin the car with the simulated particles..

and these are the result.. :)

hope you'll like this one..


p.s. rendered with Vray on 3dsMax 9

hi.. this is my second time doing FX-Wars challenge
this time the goal is to craeate a simulation of a big wave hitting lighthouse..
i did a combination between modifier based wave and simulation based wave..
the simulation was done with "Realflow"
the mist done with "fumeFX"
the spray rendered with "krakatoa"
and all the rest rendered in 3dsMAX 9 with "vray"
and compositing was done with "aftereffects"
you can see the work in progress and render passes here:
hope you'll enjoy it.

in this test i used "reactor" to rig a car for a realistic driving behavior,
the problem is that i dont know how to record animation in reactor so the only thing i can do now is to give the wheels some power and put some obstacles...
anyway i love the result, and i hope you'll like it to..

the landrover model is from DOSCH.3D.Cars.2007
rendered by Vray

(now im working on some tests with the "craft director tools"
plugin" i will upload a test soon..)

Just for fun i simulated 2 High-res fumeFX explosions.
It took about 10 hours to simulate the first one
and 15 minutes rendering per frame !!
(on my old dual core mashine)
The second one took match less time to simulate and render..
next i did a very fast compositing in after,
I didn't added any extra details, just the explosions,
so its not perfect result but i still like it..
hope you'll engoy it too.

hi.. this is my short vfx scene, i made for the contest "FXWARS" on CGtalk.com i made it in 3 weeks approx.
you ca see the WIP here:


hope you like it..


i found on my computer a old scene i have made

to check "boujou" it was rendered with Vray.

the 'budd" (Model was taken from 51render)


in this animation im testing the workflow of

integrating "rayfire" with "Glu3D",

i simulate first the rigid-body and fragments

with "rayfire 1.43"

next i simulate the "Glu3D" fluid over the animation..

i hope you will like it..


hi again..

i made a new destruction scene with the plugin

"rayfire 1.43" on 3dsmax9

i added some more details (debris) with "particle flow"

and some dust with FumeFx

rendered with scanline

compositing in "after effects"

hope you engoy it..



i made first tests with the pure amazing plugin:

"rayfire 1.42" on 3dsmax9

i added some more details (debris) with "particle flow"

and some dust with FumeFx

rendered with scanline

compositing in "after effects"

hope you engoy it..


hi everyone

i did a veri low resolution fumeFX simulation

and use it with fumeFX follow operator in particle-flow

with very high count of particles.

hope you will like this one..


this is a animation (camera moovment) of a 1 frame of a particles followd by fumeFX simulation, i used the "partitioning" feture to increase the number of the particles, in the simulation i calculate only 320000 particles and let the "krakatoa partitioning" to calculate 25 different "seed" of the same simulation, the result you can see in this render, (later i add a "shine" effect in after-effect.)

hope you find it interesting..

(and sorry for my bad english..)


i create this video with a simple video camera and i did a camera tracking with "boujou" and render the cars with vray in 3ds max 9. compositing on after-effect..

hope you'll likr it..

welcome to "CG VFX" blog

Hi all..

In This blog You'll See video of my VFX tests in verious CG simulation applications like:

thinking particles
and also blender fluid etc..

i hope you'll enjoy this site..
best regards
Yuval Kolton